Album 2. "The Golden Hour"

The following images were taken during the first hour after sunrise. A similar effect can be achieved during the last hour before sunset. It is known amongst Photographers as "The Golden Hour" and it can have a magical effect on surfaces, emphasising shape, texture and form; depending of course on the direction and intensity of the light.

In the mid eighties a timber mill partnership was established in Maryborough and the resulting Dandathu Mill was then the largest of its kind in Queensland. Taking huge pine logs from the bush around Tin Can Bay to be towed by paddle steamer to the Dandathu Mill.

An oyster lease was established at Tin Can Bay by the Leftwick family in the late Eighties; believed to have been in Snapper creek, opposite where the Norman Point boat ramp is now. The oysters were shipped south to seafood markets by steamer from Inskip Point. The leftwick's daughter was the first white child born in Tin Can Bay.

Early pioneers and settlers could always get a good feed of fish in Tin Can Bay and make a few bob on the side from sales of their catch.

The start of another busy day...

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