At Tin Can Bay, we’re not really out to try to impress you – it just happens naturally! (see "ALBUMS" on sidebar)

If the world was seeking another “Great Wonder”, Tin Can Bay would surely be somewhere up there with the top contenders. Of course, you might think it is just a biased opinion; and yes, you are probably right to think so; but, although there is not much to offer extreme sports enthusiasts or those wishing to get into the rocking and rollicking nightlife, our little town has much more to offer for your average day-tripper, weekend wanderer, extended holidaymaker, grey nomad or even retiree. Yes, there is something for almost every visitor.
Allow me to sound a little more convincing.
Tin Can Bay is not always just your average, quiet little seaside boating and fishing hamlet; as much as the most locals would like to think it is; for the boaties, we have a huge boat ramp at Norman Point, which actually has the capacity for 4 boat launchings at the one time. But there are even those times when patience needs to be the order of the day, so just chill out and enjoy the scenery while you wait your turn or alternatively, there’s another single-lane boat ramp just down the road at Crab Creek.
Throughout these still, quiet and sheltered waters of Tin Can Inlet and North along the Great Sandy Straits, jet skiing is always a very popular pastime, but if it’s more of a peaceful ride you are into, without all that jollity and frivolity, it is a veritable haven for kayakers or canoeists alike, with extensive but peaceful waterways and tributaries to bring out the explorer in you; whilst the still shallow waters along the shoreline are ideal and safe for the kids to have a dip.

For the serious yachtie, the safe haven of Tin Can Bay is well renowned for its magnificent Marina facilities, fully equipped slipway and Ships Chandlery. You can hire watercraft of all sorts, from a small dingy to big family sized houseboats and all the while you are out on the water our local Tin Can Bay Coast Guard (QF17) will be there for you if ever the need arises.
So, whether you simply come for a weekend or a year, there is definitely something here for you. Especially if you just want to chill out and get away from those everyday hassles and stresses associated with work and all those other daily commitments. 
For the Naturalist or camera buff, it's a veritable feast of scenery from moody landscapes to the local flora that blooms seasonally throughout the area. You'll find there is also a plethora of land or shorebirds here; some migratory and others that stay all year round; but then, who could blame them? And you can view it all, at a steady pace of course, from the continuous safe walking tracks that meander through and around the town.

Our biggest drawcard of course, and one that really puts Tin Can Bay out there along with the great attractions of Paris or Rome and of course an absolute delight for a once in a lifetime family experience; that is, to have that interaction with wild dolphins. They come in each morning for a fishy snack and to say hello. This gives visitors a great opportunity, not only to hand feed them, but also to get some unique photos that will surely provide everlasting memories of your dolphin experience while visiting Tin Can Bay.
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Tin Can Bay is also well catered for in the way of services to its visitors and locals alike; all that one would expect from a much larger township, but without the hassles of peak hour traffic jams or road rage, etc.
The local services also include a medical centre and prompt ambulance service; tennis courts for hire and well-stocked town Library or when the grandkids come and visit there is an Olympic standard public pool and also a well-received, competition style skate park and playground area.
There are many cafes and restaurants in the town and you can even get in a round or two of golf or tennis, if that’s your racket or if you're into lawn bowls, you will also be well catered for there.

If you feel you want a change of scenery, our clubs will also put on the usual entertainment for you, just to break the monotony of the day.
There is a well-equipped service station and your special or everyday shopping needs are also well catered for with two popular, large grocery stores and associated small stores.
There are also three motels, a TAB equipped hotel with Backpackers accommodation as well as three Caravanning/Camping Parks and a huge choice of fully equipped short term holiday homes and rental units.

The town is also noted for certain events that occur throughout the year, apart from the markets every third Saturday of the month, held on the grounds next to the RSL Hall, our major events include: The Bay to Bay (Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay) Yacht Race, Dragon Boat Regattas, the Seafood Festival in September, the Lost Arts Charity Field Days, annual Flower & Craft Show with photo competition or the Foreshore Family Christmas/New Year Carnival; as well as many other fun and interesting events that local organisations provide throughout the year for both visitors and locals alike.
Yes, Tin Can Bay may not be everyone's cup of tea; but then, we don't really expect it to be; however, if it is a quiet and relaxing stay you are after, then I promise you, you will be well catered for, and we'll even treat you like family and welcome you with open arms. Come see us soon and find out for yourself, why it is that whoever comes here for the first time simply falls in love with the place!

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